Meet the AHSC staff

Antonella (Toni) Morra

Antonella, who goes by Toni,  has been a Child & Youth Practitioner for 17 years. She graduated with her C.Y.W 3-year diploma in 2004 from Centennial College. She then went on to work in the educational system with youth on the autism spectrum for almost 2 years then moved on to working with youth 15 and young adults who were dealing with trauma, addictions, criminal justice system, intergenerational trauma, housing, academic and career pathway planning.

Toni went back to college in 2015 to obtain her Honors B.A. in Child & Youth Care, which she successfully completed in 2017. Toni then went on to work in community centers and the shelter system, advocating for housing stability and rights, food security and taught groups about Diversity and Inclusion, Conflict Resolution through Indigenous Practices, Self-Care, Understanding Trauma and Triggers and Building Self-Esteem. Toni has always had a passion for helping people and for being an ally.

Toni is the proud mom of two adult children, her daughter who is Metis and her son who is ASD . She is also the proud grandmother of a granddaughter.

In her spare time, Toni enjoys watching Marvel, DC and sci-fi movies. Toni is also an avid martial artist for the past 15 years and most times you can find her training in Muay Thai because she feels it is great for the body, mind, and spirit. She also takes part in courses and trainings that are about Indigenous peoples and their histories while staying updated on current issues.