Let the Aboriginal Housing Support Centre help you!

Could you use our help?

Are you an Indigenous person living in Toronto?

Are you having problems with your landlord?

Are you being evicted?

Are you having trouble making ends meet?

Are you looking for help but don’t know where to go?

Contact the Aboriginal Housing Support Centre to see if we can help make life easier for you.  We have offices in west Scarborough at 3087 Danforth Avenue, and in east Scarborough at 20 Sewells Road.  We also have a Housing First worker who can meet with homeless clients at community locations. The Housing First worker can be reached directly at 416-900-1082. We are connected to many agencies across the city, and better still, our service is free!

AHSC is an active member of the Scarborough Housing Stabilization Planning Network.

AHSC is also a referral agency for the Scarborough Furniture Bank. Please call 416-281-2057 for more details.


The Aboriginal Housing Support Centre offers a variety of programs depending on the needs of the client. Sometimes, linking with other agencies within the Toronto area is enough to provide a client with the services they require. Make sure you check out the Links pages on this website if you think you may require the services of agencies that are part of the Toronto Aboriginal Agencies Network.

In the past, AHSC has presented workshops for its clients based on the clients’ needs and the clients’ goals. We have tapped into a valuable resource of Aboriginal program providers and Elders who are more than willing to share their expertise with others in the Aboriginal community.

Workshops on tenant rights, budgeting, parenting, legal services, eviction prevention, etc. are also high on the list of presentations that our clients want more information on.

The number one service that we provide to our clients is helping them with the process of applying for subsidized housing. We have Housing Connections application forms and information packages in our office. You can come in and fill them out or we can mail them to you. We offer expert advice on how to best apply for social housing and/or for Native housing. We also have application forms on hand for Native housing providers in the Toronto area.

We will help a client search for new housing, especially when time is of the essence. We are connected to other agencies and other service providers throughout the city of Toronto and receive updates daily on new rental units. Reviewing the daily updates and helping with searches using the Internet, the newspapers and rental books, we can help a client search out new housing, in person, or over the phone.

It can be difficult for some of our clients to come into the Centre. In those cases, using the telephone and regular mail, allows us to offer clients the service they require. We are also able to process applications using email so don’t hesitate to contact us using the form on the Contact page.

We can help you to access the furniture bank. Contact us to find out how!